Creating projects for windows and doors?

It would be nice to create projects for windows and doors through the app so I can save my measurements on the project, I’ve been trying to play around with it but there isn’t really a dedicated way for that specific trade?

Hello! Could you share more details on how you would like to save them/organize them as there is likely a way to set this up and providing more details will help me guide you in the right direction

Kind of like the panel measurements

Usually when we measure a window it’s width and height as well as orientation/ picture

Being able to measure 58 1/8 width x 46 1/8 height and describe it as a x/o (x being opener, o being fixed)

Right now there’s no dedicated way to differentiate between different measurements when adding them to a project of multiple windows and the closest thing I have is using the panel tool

Hello, you could try making a custom calculator and make dedicated input fields and use tabs to differentiate windows as one idea, see below and if something of interest happy to walk through how to make:

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I like this. This would be helpful for my custom blind measurements.

Yeah I would love that, that’s actually so helpful, did you upload a photo of a window? If that’s the cast then I can get a photo of what I want and add measurements to it

Hi Arin, you can upload any background you want, in this case I uploaded a window diagram since i assume it will be used as a template but its fully customizable based on what you want

I just got the tape and hoping to integrate into my window and door company. I see you have jumped in as well. I own and I would love to chat with you!

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