Filter Out Older Measurements in Annotation

If I have multiple Photo Annotations in an area, I see all the measurements for that Area while in the Photo Annotation edit mode. I only need the latest dims that I synced from the T1 (or manually input for that matter). I can easily mistake a dimension that is not for that photo. The best bypass as of now would be to label each dimension in the Measurements tab, but that would mean that I cannot sync the T1 measurements directly within the Photo Annotations edit mode, which is a much better workflow. Ideally there could have a “do not show out existing dimensions” kinda feature in the Photo Annotation.

Hello Mauricio, thanks for reaching out and appreciate the screenshot! If I understand correctly, ideally you would only have measurements appear to be selected that are recently created or unused in other annotations?

Unused in other annotations would be more convenient.

Thanks for the suggestion - this is something well discuss with the team. In some cases, we have users prefer to see them all as they make annotations using different photos of the same object.

In the meantime, the list should automatically scroll to the end as new measurements are created (manually or from the T1).

We will think through more how to improve this and certainly please back out with any other improvements or features you would like to see added too!