How to contact customer service directly

When Reekon finally shipped my order out I was emailed by UPS that a signature was required,
I waited the day it was supposed to be delivered and the package never arrived.
There willing to pay for a replacement order but I need to be able to talk with someone to get the right information they are requesting.
How do I contact customer service/ support for my problem??

Hello! Please email us at

I sent an email to like you said and still there is no response.
Besides sending emails, is there a way to call and talk to someone directly??
I need to get this issue resolved.
Please let me know

hello, the email should be “” there is no .com in it - we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or less but do not currently have any phone support

I seen that after i sent you the last email.
after I put in the correct address i already received a confirmation email


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