My T1 has been lost in shipping and no one seems to want to help

My T1 was out for delivery via UPS on 01/13/2024.
I was away at the time and I had the package redirected to the local UPS Store near my home.

When I went there to pick it up they claimed they don’t have it and that it was never brought to their store.
They told me to call UPS because they are the ones who have the package.

I drive down to the UPS facility near me and they also told me they did not have the package and that the package was with the UPS Store.

So now i have The UPS Store pointing the finger at UPS, and UPS pointing the finger at the UPS Store, and no one helping me in the least.

Then on 01/26/2024 I decided to go back to the MyUPS App and place another redirect for the package to have it delivered to my home address where it was originally supposed to be delivered.

I did that in hopes that it would kickstart the system to locate the package and start it moving again.
Unfortunately there is no movement on the package or tracking updates since i put the second redirect in on 01/26/2024.

I then thought to contact a friend who works at UPS as a driver. He was nice enough to go to the center where my package routed through and spoke to the clerk.
The clerk checked the tracking but cannot tell where the package currently is.
They both then went to an area where UPS keeps packages that placed sometimes that her misrouted. Unfortunately the package was not there either.

While this was all taking place, I searched high and low for a telephone number for Reekon Tools but cannot find one. So I sent them an email through their system and in full detail as i have here, I described the trouble I was having. About a day or so later I received a one sentence response that basically told me that the package was still enroute to me and that i should wait for it.

Obviously the person who responded to me never read my entire email and just didn’t care about my problem.
I also called the UPS 800 number and they sent me an email with a link to start a claim.
I filled out the online forum with all the information requested and when I tried to submit claim, it came back telling me it cannot be done online and to call UPS.
I have replied back to Reekon 3 times after they fluffed me off with the one line response.

At this point i just want Reekon to send me a another T1, along with the additional accessories I purchased, or they can give me a full refund for the item, accessories, and original shipping costs that I paid.

Hi, please DM me your email address and happy to check our internal systems to see what correspondance has been sent and will work to resolve!

I cannot figure out how to send a DM. I’m still looking but i can’t find it as of yet.

I’m having a difficult time finding the dm section. Maybe if you dm me it will become apparent because ill get a notification.

Click on his avatar and then in the top right corner (or on top if it is a mobile device) is a button for a message

Thanks. Im using a mobile device. I’m a retired Verizon tech so i am tech savvy. But I’ve never seen anything so counter intuitive.
If i can’t find it I’ll let you know.
Thanks again.

For the life of me i cannot find the button when i click his avatar.
That was actually the very first place i looked for a place to send him a dm.
But there is nothing there. At least that i can see.

click on his avatar and it will pop up

Ok. When i click on his avatar i don’t see that black bar that says “message”
Sometimes when you are new to a forum they don’t let you send dm’s until you’ve built up many posts.
Is that how it is here?

This is what i see…

Do you think you can send Rock a message for me and let him know that I’m unable to send DM’s and i think that is because i just signed up for the forum.
But i really need his help with my problem in not receiving my T1


I am unable to send DM’s. Im guessing because i just signed up for the forum.
Please help me some way. You seem to have Admin privileges so I’m guessing you can give me the ability to send DM’s.

Hi John, found the email thread. We will start the claim process and have a new one shipped out. Will follow up on your email tomorrow and our apologies for the delay!

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Oh that’s fantastic Derrick. I cannot thank you enough.
I’ve been pulling my hair out stressing over this for some time now.
As a suggestion, i think Reekon should have a customer support telephone line in addition to this forum.
I must say that this forum got me the best results.
One more thing, I sure you have my original order, but just in case, along with the T1 I also purchased another Tape Blade and a Holster.
Thanks again, and i look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.