Jobsite app won’t create a project

No projects created after following steps
Log in
Hit plus
Do nothing on project description page except hit save
Returns to main page with no projects shown.

What’s up??

Hello, have you tried restarting the app or pulling down to refresh the page?

Thanks for the reply
Unfortunately no joy on killing the app or pull-down to refresh
Notice after taking a picture and saving I get this msg

Kind of looked like a login problem but the app in settings is still making available a logout button

Btw have updated to 17.3 iOS in effort to solve problems

Have you verified your email address from the automated email that sends out after signing up for an account?

Had done that but am willing to do it again
How do I force that to happen or can you do it on your end?

shoot me a DM on here on email us at with your ROCK App login and we can take a look