Cannot save new projects

I have no received my T1 but still want to use the app. But it will not save any projects I create. Can anyone help?

Hey Mark, I would be happy to help! What kind of phone and operating system are you using? DO you mind sharing a screenshot of any errors or what happens when you try and save?

I am running an iPhone 15. There is no error, just when I fill in the fields and push the save button it goes back to the projects page witch shows no


Hey Mark, do you mind emailing us at - there are some account questions Id like to ask to help get this figured out!

Hey Mark, after further investigation with the team, it seems this is a iPhone 15/iOS 17 issue - it will be fixed in an update that will be released in the next 7-10 days, our apologies for the inconvenience and well let you know once the new update is released!

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Thanks so much. Looking forward to the update and the T1.

Mark Clanton


Hey Mark, this has been fixed in today’s update of the ROCK App so everything should be working now!

Thank you. Could you tell me what the latest version is?

Hey Mark, 1.0.12 which will download automatically if you have auto updates on or manually by going to the ROCK Jobsite App listing the App Store and selecting “Update”

I am having the same problem as Mark. Using an iPhone 15 Pro running 17.0.3. Using the most recent version of Rock (at least App store is not showing any updates available). I can create a new project, but can’t save it. Any suggestions?

Hello, what version of the app are you running (can check in Settings page under “Version” - also, if you recently installed the update, try restarting your phone as caches need to be reset. Give that a try and then let me know!

It appears that mine did not upgrade. Mine still shows 1.0.5.

I just went to the Apple Store and it gave me the option to upgrade.


All good, glad you got it figured out!