Will not connect to T1

I tried to link my T1 to the Rock app.
It shows there is update available. When I tap the update I get the screen below and it just sits at 80% progress and does nothing

i have a similar problem … my T1 came a few days back with firmware version 4.8 installed and it wanted to update to 4.9 … the install failed and now my T1 is more useful as a hammer than a measurement device

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Hi Ron, what version of the ROCK Jobsite app are you running and whats the serial name for your T1?

rock app is v - 1.0.49

T1 - serial # – RachalBasenjiDog



still have not heard what is the solution to this?

Hi Ron, we checked the logs and it didnt look like an update was started, do you mind sharing a video recording of the process of what happens once you click and confirm the update to start?

I got it to update now.
I reloaded the Rock app on my ipad and it did the update this time


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