Pipe bending section in app

It would be great to have a pipe bending section that would give you measurements for specific offsets and bends


Hey Jay, we are adding in quite a few pipe/plumbing related utilities - are there specific ones you would be interested in so we can prioritize them?

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This would be really helpful for me as well because some of the areas for making bends in the HVAC trade and electrical trade are in tight areas and have the laser line is definitely going to be a game changer


Box offsets for specific types of standard sizes or a way to input your measurements and have it output where to bend to achieve your layout. Ugly’s manual for pipe bending built in or the equivalent.


Thanks for the recommendation, let me get the book and see how we can turn into a utility. Our goal is to make every utility imaginable for the trades as well as continue to make new ones based on feedback so any suggestions continue to be welcome!


Having an electrical conduit bending calculator the likes of “QuickBend” would be amazing

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Great suggestion, thanks for the share. We are working on a new feature called “Inspections” where we make an easy template for a user to make their own calculators. This, combined with some we are making as well, should make it pretty easy to get equivalent functionality.

The added benefit is that any measurement you have in your app can be dropped in as an input (i.e. any measurement taken from the T1 can be selected to be used as part of a calculation)

A pipe bending section would be a whole project in itself. The different hand benders and multiple pipe bending machines with different specs should be just an app by itself.

Part of the goal with our app is to keep all the utilities in the same spot in order to ensure that users can use the measurements they are creating (from the T1 or other products) and input directly in the app!

There is also a function to build custom utilities to calculators in case there is one specific to how you work/do things!

I’m having an issue where when I take my measurement and hit the save button I get it on my white screen but it’s not going to the app it keeps saying I have to select an area but I’ve selected an area. So all my pipe bending measurements I have to manually put in I get putting the degrees in because that changes and there’s no way for the tape measure to tell what I need.

Hello! If your T1 is connected it should share the measurements to the active area. Before entering a utility, try viewing an Area where you want the measurements saved and see if saving them (while the T1 is connected) brings them there. If not, let me know and we can continue to look at it