Question about what is printed with the P1L

OK, I’ve heard a bit about the P1L, but for my needs, no one’s offering descriptive information about what is printed on the labels. I’m told that QR codes are printed, but is there any text included?

I’d like to take this on in the workshop but a number of issues concern me as to whether it’s worth it for me.

I don’t need the jobsite app to interpret what’s on a QR code, what I need is for a label to have text attributes included such as material measurements, part reference descriptions, so that an orcam MyEye, Orcam Read or my iphone can speak the text contents from the camera.

if this doesn’t offer what I need, it’s not worth me taking it on as part of the setup and instead finding another printer solution and exporting the native text output from the tape to label software and printing labels for parts that way.

Could you give me a bit of clarity please?


Hi Lew, the labels are pretty customizable and include both QR text as well as printed text in regards to materials, locations, issues, or anything you want to put on them