P1L Tagger Construction Printer Launch

Hello all! We are excited to share that we are launching out next product, the P1L Tagger Construction printer on March 12th. This is an exciting addition to the REEKON Tools Ecosystem and one that will help further bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

We will have an exclusive 12 hour discount for our community - sign up here to be notified when launching - https://reekon.xyz/p1l

The P1L printer is a completely portable thermal printer built for the job site. Streamlined integration with the proven ROCK Jobsite app automatically creates labels with both printed text and QR link. Low cost labels make it practical to label everything from materials to issue tracking.

Happy to answer any questions or demo functionality here as well!


So as being apart of the community we get a 12 hour window to buy the p1 at a discount for $109 ?

Does the pl1 have the ability to label wires in some form or fashion? Like a more narrow label that can act as a flag ? From the design it’s not going to run heat shrink tubes with printed information on them.

I find the inventory function interesting and compelling but the other stuff less so. I generally work by myself so labeled measurements for cutting not so sure about.

I can see using to make notes I stick on an active job, reminding me where I left off or “Don’t forget x,y, or z”.

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we have a variety of labels (and can use any thermal label as well, the system isnt closed), including some wrap around photos below:

@therock signed up for the email and Kickstarter reminders! For those of us with the M1 & T1, will there be a campaign option to purchase just the P1L?

Will additional labels be available via add on?

Hey Dan, yes the P1L will be available independently as well and labels can be added post campaign in a variety of sizes and colors

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I use a nesting program to generate cut lists on my desktop. Will the P1L have the ability for me to input those in a way that can spit out labels in sequence easily based on these cutlists? Can I import an excel sheet or something?

I have the M1 on my Ellis bandsaw and the thing is wicked.

Hello yes the ROCK App will soon have the ability to import CSV files and convert them to app “measurement blobs.” Once in the app they can be used as they normally would!

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@BirdmanTheWelder do you mind sharing a screenshot too of the program you are using to generate the measurements?

I’ve never exported a cut list from this program but if the P1L has the capability to print labels in sequence then I’m in!!

Question: is the printer going to be available to order right away or is it a Kickstarter where active development is ongoing and we have to wait months etc to get it?? I hope it’s not going to be 2 years like the T1 (which I love but man the wait was excruciating)

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Hey Trev, it will be launching on Kickstarter but we have already begun manufacturing this time so shipping will start in June or sooner!



Perfect, thanks for clarifying!

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I backed this as I have been on the hunt for a Bluetooth label printer, have a few questions.

  • Does this use the same battery as T1?
  • What is the standard or style of thermal labels acceptable by the PL1 since you said its not locked down?
  • I am guessing the black case is separate from the base P1l?

Hello! Please see below:

  1. No, there is an internal battery that charges over USB C that lasts for many weeks of use
  2. Any thermal printer label less than 50mm will work with it and we will carry labels that work well with pre configured settings in the ROCK App
  3. Yes, the case will be available separately after the campaign (but will ship at the same time in the same box, if ordered, to ensure no additional shipping costs).

That is a shame it does not use the same battery as the T1 would be nice to have all reekon tools run on the same battery system. I generally do not like non replaceable battery because they make it more likely that a product becomes E-waste sooner then it has to be when the battery dies. Second my use of battery powered tools is a weekend affair with long breaks between session. Having removable batteries means I can stick them on chargers outside the device and keep a spare fully charged, in case I forget to plug in the tool. Also in case plans change and find myself wanting to use the product. Several times now I have faced that problem on the T1 where it has not been plugged and its dead, making unusable for the day. I am going to buy a spare cell just to avoid this issue and hope the firmware upgrade, whenever that is released, fixes the phantom power draw.

Ideally I would like an M1 caliber upgraded to work on the same T1 battery and integrated into the rock app, the P1l on the same T1 battery, all while I keep a charger with spare batteries plugged in. I keep a 6 port sequential battery charger loaded with batteries for power tools and I just swap batteries from there as needed.

I get you say it last for weeks but Murphy’s law says it will be drained every time I need it unless there exist a charged backup battery.

Awesome the device will work with 50mm labels from any source.

What is Reekon’s long term view to hardware tied to your app in the event you no longer support the hardware on app or change the app to a paid version ? Will the hardware become bricked or essentially a paperweight because without the app and ending up with reduced functionality? Will Reekon at end of life release drivers or firmware to support opensource development and support of hardware to avoid it becoming E waste?

I bring this up because the app says “free trial” which means at some point Reekon will move to monetize this app. I get it from a business perspective that software cost cash to maintain and upgrade. However for the nonbusiness/noncommercial user like myself that would be a hard pill to swallow and I would be even more upset at losing functionality on my devices I bought from Reekon.

I understand Reekon may not be able to describe their future business plans but what is the company’s stance to ensuring users that bought your product that the functionality of the product at date of purchase, excluding hardware failure and break downs, is not going to be found behind a paywall or get taken away in a future upgrade?

I will not buy a smart home gadget or system at all these days because so many have been bricked or become useless after the backend was ended.

Hello! We will always have a free version of the app available in the event we charge for certain features in the future. We will be very transparent when this happens and there is no solidified plan to do so (but share in the spirit of something we would consider in the future).

So the case doesn’t come with the p1 after pledging ? How much will it cost when it’s available?

I’m interested in the labeler for my cabinet projects to be able to print out a full cut list and label all my pieces as I go. Sometimes we process plywood and lumber for 2-3 projects at a time so different colored labels would make sorting invaluable.

Curious how long the label adhesive is rated to be able to stay on material without peeling or leaving residue behind. Such as most blue tape is rated for 14 days.

Any information about your labels residue quality?

I’m a remodeler who also builds cabinets so depending on our schedule I may start on cabinets when I have time for a future project and not get back to them for a month or two. Would hate to come back and find adhesive and bits of a label stuck to every cut after removing the label.

Hello, not sure we have any kind of rating like this developed but happy to send some over and you can test them out! Just send me a DM

In general, we try to find the write balance of adhesion and removability but a number of factors from environment to material can affect this