3 Party Printer support

I am writing to share some thoughts and hopes regarding the possibility of integrating other printer brands into the current system.

As part of our company, we have recently acquired T1 number 4 and already have 2 M1 in our carpentry workshop. Additionally, we also have 3 Brother thermo label printers that we use for various purposes.

It would be incredibly beneficial for us if it were possible to add other printer models to the system. This would make the use of the app even more useful and efficient for us.

We are, of course, aware that this may not necessarily increase the sales of your own printers in the same way. However, we believe that by opening up to third-party printers, it can create a more flexible and optimal working environment where we can fully utilize our existing equipment and ultimately create less e-waste.

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Hello, thanks for reaching out! We have no problem opening up our software to third party solutions and generally do so already for a variety of hardware and software products. However, this is dependent on the third part having integrations available and support on their end to implement.

We always keep our ears open for requests like this and, when we hear that it will be useful for multiple users, can prioritize accordingly on our roadmap.


Hi TheRock,

Sorry for my late response. Here in our office, we use Brother label printers, which are thermal label printers. I know they are quite widespread in Europe, and they are relatively easy to work with.

A possible solution could be to enable your software to use cloud printing, as our printers are network-connected. I must admit that I don’t have much experience in coding apps, but I’m just suggesting what we could use, and there might be others out there who could benefit from this as well.

I would gladly buy one of your printers if it could be placed somewhere and connect via WiFi or network cable.

Best regards,


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