Android bluetooth connection

Got my T1 today, Im trying to connect device to Rock Jobsite app, get a bluetooth BLE failure message .

I already tried deleting everything and removing Battery.
happens with Samsung Note9 Android 10 and same thing with Samsung A52 Android 11.

Android likes to remove app permissions, one of the needed one is “Nearby devices”. Go to app permissions - Hold your finger on ROCK icon, then go to Info about application > Application permissions and select Nearby devices. Under “Unused app settings,” turn on “Pause app activity if unused” so it will not remove it again.

For more details: Change app permissions on your Android phone - Android Help

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Hello, because of how older versions of Android work, the ROCK App for bluetooth T1 connections is only useable with Android 12 or newer as it needs the “Nearby Devices” permissions

Ah, I did not caught that he has old Android devices. Would be good to mention that Android 12 requirement in FAQ and maybe in the Tools screen too when it detects an older version.