Android Version Limit - How Many Are Affected?

With the direction of the latest Reekon products, the use of the app is becoming mandatory - The T1 can operate independently but requires the app for a lot of its functionality including firmware updates and the new P1L requires the app.

I’m curious to know, how many users are affected by this limitation? Am I alone in using an older phone (In my case, a Samsung Note 9 with Android 10) or is it more common? It’s partially a curiosity, and I also want to collect some numbers to find out if Reekon is likely to prioritise this in the future, or if I’m going to be forced to replace a phone which I’m otherwise very happy with.

@Reekon: You should really make the Android version limitation clear on your new P1L Kickstarter page.

Hello, good news! The ROCK Jobsite App release today (1.0.48) now increases the compatibility with older versions of Android and allows for bluetooth connections with devices running back to Android 6.0. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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Sorry I’ve been away, but what great news to come back to! I wasn’t expecting it to be updated, especially given the lack of demand for support based on the lack of responses to this thread.

I’ve been able to successfully connect to my T1 and update its firmware. I look forward to learning all of the app’s functionality. Thank you.

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