Blade Replacement Procedure - FAIL

Got my unit, and went to install the combo tape that doesn’t come pre-installed for some reason. First, I am annoyed that I have to do this in the first place and seeing the instructions only increased that as I feared what was about to happen was going to happen - sure enough it did.

Followed the included instructions, got to the stage of removing the tape from the tail after pulling it all the way out as the instructions indicated. I pushed the hold button while pulling the last bit out and up and then in then releasing. It appeared to hold the tail/tape as instructions said. I unlocked the tail/tape from each other and then boom it sucked the tail in and heard a bunch of clacking and not good sounds.

Needless to say I am not happy after waiting 2 years, then having to do something that seemed like it was going to go south, only for it to go south and now I have no tool again for God knows how long. This should have came with the tape we ordered installed. Risking this happening on brand new devices is a totally avoidable high risk, high friction event that ruins an otherwise positive experience, turning it into frustration and unhappiness needlessly.

Anyone else out there who has to replace their tape should use a clothes pin or vise grips to make sure that tail can’t retract. I had the “break/holder” set and it still pulled in…

Hello, blades do come with the english/metric/split blade ordered from the factory and only include an extra if it was ordered separately. During the replacement, no tools are needed as, when properly engaged, the tool will hold the spring in place. Unfortunately this now needs to be sent in for repair which can be discussed over email.

We have a complete guide on the procedure here and will be posting an accompanying video shortly as well -

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That video would have been REALLY REALLY helpful at launch time and possibly saved me from ruining my brand new unit.

Wait what do you mean they come installed from factory with what we wanted? Read all the comments on the very first update after the kickstarter funded, showing many people with this exact question and “you” saying other blades are an add-on:

I ordered Split, received Imperial and split in a separate box with instructions to install it.

I had no need for, nor desire for Imperial. I didn’t want an extra blade I wouldn’t use, I certainly didn’t like having to pay for the extra blade I wouldn’t need either, nor having to install it fearing exactly what did happen, would happen. All the messaging going back to day one says it is an add-on.

Ruined what would have otherwise been a positive experience. I haven’t even got to use the damn thing yet.

PS: What’s up with deleting my reply on different blade replacement thread where someone was asking about this process, and I said what my experience was, and the possible problem someone could encounter?

Hello, we replied shortly after that that we had decided to change it based on popular demand to come from the factory with the blade installed for split units - see update here from October 2022-

As for deleting comments, we dont delete comments that dont violate our rules so perhaps it didnt go through but feel free to repost wherever it was supposed to be.

That post you’re referencing was on 10/25, My survey picking options was completed 10/24. I didn’t see that post anyway and I just went through them all and it was the only one that mentioned being able to pick a split-blade from factory being made an option. I would have picked it had I known about it. I surely did not buy the unit with the wrong blade, and paid extra for a split blade add-on, so I could go through all this for fun.

BTW: I emailed support and was told I have to pay for this repair too which is super duper awesome.

Support came back and is going to fix my unit. I appreciate that reconsideration under the circumstances. Thanks.

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