Blade replacements for T1 Tomahawk

For the T1 Tomahawk, how easily will replacing the blade be and how readily available will new blades be?

I do so much measuring, I wear tape measures out quickly. Either the blade wears out or the break does.

I usually need to change blades, or buy a new tape measure, every 3-4 months.

Can the break be replaced/repaired?

Hello, yes the T1 blades are all replaceable; with practice it can be done in about 2 minutes with the first time taking 10 minutes. I have attached a draft guide on the blade replacement below outlining the steps. We will be making some minor changes as well as posting videos and photos of the process on our website too!

Note - the below is just a draft and we are still making tweaks and improvements before shipping:


What about blade availability?

Will replacement blades be available immediately after the launch of the T1 Tomahawk?

What about the break?

Is the break replaceable/repairable?

The mail reason I buy new tape measures, instead of replacing blades, is because the break begins to fail.

Replacement blades can be pre ordered in BackerKit (for pre orders) and will be available when we launch the T1 in retail/distributors as well. If the tape breaks, it is not repairable and the entire blade needs to be replaced.

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I think he means the mechanism that holds the blade in place during use, not if the tape breaks.


Yes, that’s what I mean.

The mechanism that holds the tape in place.

Got it, thanks for the clarification, yes the autolock can be replaced but we have specialized optimized the materials well beyond anything on the market today so we would also expect a much longer lifetime in general!



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2 mins. That’s good news to hear.

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even faster with practice, its a super fast and easy procedure once you are familiar with it

2min by expert? God… I think I can’t manage it… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: