Combined - T1 Shipping Questions

Why would we Download THIS??? It’s been almost 2 years… paid for & STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS !!! I think it’s a SCAM!!! Will NEVER ORDER FTOM YOU AGAIN!!!

So I’ve been waiting a long time for this measuring device, and waiting, etc. So when will we be receiving this long anticipated device how much longer

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Hello, launching a full app was part of our orginal promise of launching the T1 and we are doing so as intial backers have received their units. We still have a lot to go and are working through shipping as outlined in more detail here - T1 Tomahawk - Professional Digital Tape Measure | Indiegogo

Its always frustrated when delays happen and while we apologize for the delay, we are confident everyone will appreciate the extra time spent to make a remarkable and reliable product.

I am about to start my project like today. If I order the T1, what is the shipping timeline? I read many posts, people complained about waiting for months and stil not receiving the product.

Hello! We have begin shipping and are wokring through the more than 25,000 pre orders already placed. Shipping form order placed today would likely be in December/January

has shipping started? I have been waiting a year! i know its new but delivery was going to be last december…starting to loose patience. I have gone through 3 projects that i was counting on this for…so sad.

Hello, we haev certainly been delayed but are shipping out our next batch as soon as inventory arrives -

Apologies again for the delay!

I can’t make heads or tails of all of the junk on the website. I want to know when my order specifically will be here.

I am hoping I get mine by the end of 2024…

Hey Karl, that is our goal as well and most regions will have it by end of year or sooner

Any update about how long Australia will revive there t1’s

Hi Johnny, they will ship out form our Hong Kong Warehouse starting in mid to late December

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Hi I ordered my M1 and T1 in April 2022 andf paid $190 freight in October 2022 a total of approx $750 and still no word on when i will receive them? I could fly to Hong Kong fand collect for the same price of the freight. If assembeled in Maylasia why not ship direct from there to Australia? Much closer?

Any update about how long Australia will revive there t1’s

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I got my backerkit shipping address confirmation email last week. I am located on the east coast of the US near(ish) where shipping and distribution is.

Are these getting shipped to san antonio? Saw a message that there is another shipment to US.

Can someone help me here on this matter?

Been over a year as we all been patently waiting. Appreciate everything

Hello, the next batch of 2500 units are sending out over the coming days. While this is not everyone, we expect to be getting in more and more units over the coming weeks. You can find the latest updates on our pre order pages

(tracking is sent when an order has shipped out - if you havent received tracking in the coming days then it will be included in a future shipment in the coming weeks)

Obviously, more and more people have received T1s. Seeing the forum so crowded. However, I haven’t even received the shipping mail yet, living in Far East Asia. I live in jealousy day by day. When can I get my T1 and M1? Will it come within this year? I can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

Any update on shipping to West coast US?

I live in AZ and have not received a tracking number. I thought all US orders are being shipped out?