Ideas for App/T1

Will we be able to highlight a messurment, incase there is a wrong messurment, it would be great to have a red or green mark so we know its correct number on the app, or if we can manually select a specific number so we dont need to screem numbers on the jobsite🤔

in case its wrong it can be deleted in both the app and on the T1!

Is it possible to devide a mesurment with higher numbers like (14 or 50 or something?) with the T1 (just like center finding), if not it would have been very useful

Hello! You can do that in the ROCK app but not directly on the T1 right now. We are considering many on board features for the T1 to add over time and since it has upgradable firmware, we expect to make significant improvements over time base don feedback and new discoveries!

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