Initial blade setup feedback

so… this may be obvious to someone that has used these before…

but when presented with the initial blade setup, and being told to choose model A or model B… without any real additional on-device information, I found myself feeling really stupid.

after a few minutes of looking through the setup materials, and other propaganda included in the box, without mention of this state at all, i felt a little frustrated.

to have to dig around on the site to find the information
“hey dumbass, pull the tape measure out 6” to see what model you have” i was pretty irritated…

isn’t this kinda hint pretty easy to show on one of the screens, or even worse, on the mobile app?

it’s insult to injury (of ego) to not have this information in app, or on device.

not everyone is going to have internet access everywhere.

there is PLENTY OF ROOM on the e-ink display to
add “look for the blade model indicator 6” down the tape, or alter between the ‘blade selection’ view and a pictogram of the device with the tape being extracted 6” with an arrow pointing to the blade type indicator, or something along those lines…

i’m admittedly being a hair melodramatic here, but it’s because of the fact that this is such a simple fix for such a frustrating initial experience that it warranted, imo, making a bit of noise about

Thanks for the feedback! We are always looking to make our products better and undoubtedly there is lots of room for improvement for us to continue to make the setup process easier

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