Screen measurements are dashes "-"

The measurements on the screen frequently show as dashes. Moving the blade somewhat fast makes dashes appear a large percentage of the movements. Moving the blade slower shows dashes less frequently, but way more than I think it should. I played with the unit for an hour before updating the firmware, and I do not recall seeing the dashes even once, but since the firmware update (4.9), I see the dashes more than is acceptable, even when the tape is fully retracted. I tried recalibrating, power cycling, and reinstalling the firmware several times and it is shows dashes frequently. Hope this is just a firmware issues since it seems it was fine prior to the firmware updated. Otherwise I really like the capabilities and anxious to use it more as long as the dash ā€œ-ā€ gets fixed.

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Hello, please send us a video of using it highlighting dashing, along with the device serial name, to While dashing can and should appear sometimes (and are intentional as an error checking mechanism) they should not be frequent so happy to take a look and see what we can find!

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Iā€™m having the same issue but glad someone pointed it out.

The most common cause of dashing is not being on 0.4.9 but if its still appearing frequently and not just at high speeds/stops, something else could be wrong so better for us to check!

I just sent an e-mail with a video link:

Thank you for the support and any potential fixes.

From the video this seems pretty standard as most of the dashing is occurring at abrupt stopping or high speeds. The dashing is an error checking mechanism to maintain the 0.02" of accuracy tolerance on the T1 and detects when an error may occur.

In any case, this is also driven my an algorithm that we are constantly working on improving so we would also expect this to continue to improve across the board with future updates

I do not have a layout guide option on my device

Hey William, this feature is currently in Beta and will be released more widely in the coming weeks!