Stair Calculator not working

i just received the tool and am trying to use the stair utility but my rock app does not show anything other than the utilities choices such as framing stairs etc. and under that list is the stair calculator but nothing else and no + sign or any other options. so how do i use the stair app?

Hello! What version of the ROCK Jobsite app are you using?

App version is 1.0.23

What kind of mobile device (operating system version and manufacture) are you running it on

Maybe it is the same “problem” - go to Utilities > Stairs > Staircase Calculator and then you need to select your project as it needs to write it somewhere and take measurements from it and hit Save. After that will the calculator pop up. Thanks to the Project dialog and the small Save button it is not straight forward - it needs a heading “Select project…” and a bigger Cancel/Save button on bottom, not a small one on top…

iPhone 12 Pro Max IOS 17.1.2

Hey Larry, could you share a screenshot of what you are seeing on your screen under the stairs utility?

It should look like this:

Hello Derrick,

This is what I see

HI Larry, what happens when you click on the stair calculator banner?

Hi Larry, hit the “Save” button and it will take you to the calculator. The reason this appears first is so it has a save location as well as know where to pull the measurements from (as they can be added to the calculator)

Got it, I like it. Just took a little to figure out the logic. Any idea when y’all will get batteries in so I can order an extra one



hey Larry, should be live later next week

So it is exactly as I thought. The project selection dialog needs some rework to do…