Upload list of dimensions

Hi, I’m new here.
I just look around for smart tape measure and found this one which is great!
I have an idea or what I was searching for. I would like to implement targeting option with uploading list of dimensions.
On plans for timber framing (I am desiger for wood constructions, roof, carports, houses…) there are many dimensions which needs to be placed on beams (drilling, cutting, etc.). My idea is to make a list of dimensions (probably on phone or on computer (postprocesor)) and then import to tape mesasure. And after push of a button it targeting to next dimension on a list.
As you already have app, I think you don’t need much to add this option.
Regards from Slovenia :slight_smile:

Hi Glap, thanks for the suggestion! Where would you be importing the dimensions from (as CSV or spreadsheet)?

Depends how much you would like complicated :slight_smile:
I think the easiest way is thru app (android), the next step would be spreadsheed where every beam number woud have own dimensions (you select number of which beam you would like to produce and there are dimensions for this beam) another option is from post procesor; I use timber framing software (name: Dietrich’s) which can export (for example *.bvn file) to be imported on CNC machine.
I could help you if you need (I am also a mechatronic).
Edit: ah, yes, in workshop I use plans (on paper) and there are written dimensions, so basicaly the first step would be writing by hand, into app.

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