What construction calculators do you use?

We do a lot of Inspection for verification of product dimensions in meeting Drawing and contract requirements. One that would be good to add, unless already included, is to determine radius of an arc on a bend using the chord.

Also, not a calculator, but reporting…I’d like to be able to create/upload tillable reports to enter the data into on the job site and then also have the ability to either email the finished report or connect to a cloud share file for submitting.

A great calculator would be a weight of material.
You enter in the type of material.
150 - 2x4x10 DF and it tells you how much it weighs.
But also for lvl, drywall, siding, etc . That way you know how much material you can load onto your truck safely.

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great suggestion. The inspection features in the app does just that which allows you to customize and make templates (to be filled out by you and others in a prescribed way). Let me know if you dont mind sharing your process and we can walk through the procedure of making one as an example!