Android back button

Please make back button behavior correctly. Example when popup modal show on screen when tricker back button it should close modal or popup. But it not close, it exit program, very bad experience

Hi Domez, thanks for sharing! Do you mind sharing more details about where in the app this is happening or a screen recording. What version of the app are you running?

Popup modal is showing, then place back button it not close modal.

There many case something like this.

Hi Domez, what version of the ROCK App are you using and what phone model and android version are you running?

Rock app 1.0.51
Phone model : Mi 11
Android 13

Hi Domez, can you update to the latest version of ROCK App (1.1.13) and try again - and when you refer to back button, are you talking about back button in app or back button or one in the andriod operating system?

Updated last version same result, it not close modal popup

It is back button android not app back button

1.step one you see now modal is showing

2.Tricker back button android by swiping fingers from right to left at edge screen (android back button)

3.Rock app close popup and back to previous at the same time.

show as picture below. It should only close modal

Thanks for the feedback Domez, we will look into with our team to address. In the meantime, selecting anywhere outside of the bottom sheet will exit the bottom sheet without leaving the screen behind

I know but very bad experience for Android user. It not only in this case. There are a lot in your rock app.

Example 2 Page below and more. Back behavior not make sense. It hard to use. Not convince. For Android user it very important

Back button should display page where page user see before. It is user experience in android user