Beta Testing Request

Hi thanks for the invitation! i have already purchased the T1 Tomahawk and cant wait to use it in conjunction with the M1 Caliber for my cordless 120 VOLT sliding miter saw from Dewalt. It will be a game changer for me as i do all initial measurements and 3D Drawings for cabinetry for our company.

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Hello everyone you all have a great day and thanks for the invite

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Is there a next step for the beta testing? I applied through the email and received an email invite but in a screenshot I saw on the forum somewhere It showed access for a beta tester sub-forum. I have questions but don’t want to clog the pipeline until I have more info which might be in the beta sub-forum?

So I guess I am looking for next steps.
Thanks in advance.

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I filled it out with my company email not my Kickstarter email. Is that okay? Or should it be my Kickstarter Email? Thank you again!!

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How do we know if we are on the list to be a beta tester? If we are not a tester then what is the purpose of being in this group

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Hello, if you are in this group you have been selected to receive the beta link for the ROCK app!


Your email for the app invite will be the same that was used to join the forum! If you need a different email, please resubmit the beta form!

Gotcha so we will be receiving the link in the email when the beta becomes available?

yes! you will receive an invite once ready to your email

Thanks for the invite

All registered and ready to go! Thanks for the invite and opportunity to do some QA on the app. I’m looking forward to putting the screws to it.


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I haven’t received an email and don’t see the locked beta forum in my categories either… fun

Thank you for the invitation

If we don’t have any of the tools what would we use the app for?

It can be used for maintaining measuring lists, annotating photos, as well as several calculation functions coming in the coming weeks

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Looking forward to this. I help my wife on the side with her interior design business…so I do a lot of the measuring and cutting. This will make both our lives easier!

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I registered myself awhile ago and never heard anything back

I filled out an application to be a beta tester, but have not yet received an email.

@dsenoff , from what I gather, another email will be sent to you with app download info by EOD tomorrow. Sounds like they are still waiting for final approval from the app stores. Keep an eye on your email.


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I use android but i got the apple invite?