Charging Base and extra battery

Would be nice to if you provided a charging base and extra battery kit.
Just a small base to plug the battery into so I can always grab a fresh battery.

The battery life doesn’t appear to be as advertised. Charge full 3 days ago, used once for about an hour total. I turn it off after each use (or at least the LCD screen is off). It’s halfdead today.

Don’t skimp on the charger - make sure it’s a reliable charger that won’t burst into flame :wink:


Oh and you might want to provide extra battery doors on your website, if not already - I can see these getting lost since they do not stay attached to the T1 when removing the battery.

We are working on an external charger for the b1 battery which should be available later this year. Battery life time still seems odd as it should last for multiple days of sporadic use


A charging base would be nice. However, it would also be nice to have a USB-C port directly on the battery itself. I have a laser level that has similarly sized batteries that can be charged directly with a usb-c cable or they can plugged into a base charger. You have a choice. Also, carrying a USB cable in my tool bag is way lighter and less bulky than carrying a charging station.

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I thought that myself, but I wonder if that would mean a slightly smaller battery to make room for the additional electronics.

Something we considered but it makes the battery pack bigger of capacity smaller plus extra cost. We will eventually release a wall charger for the batteries too

Just checking to see if there is any information as to when the external charger might be available?

Looking like October timeframe as of now, it is currently being manufactured and tested!