Laser and power

I charged my new T1 and when I try to turn the laser on I get “Warning See other screen for info”, and that screen says “Low battery Please charge battery to enable laser Press any button to dismiss” Or, the button doesn’t do anything at all, except when holding it down to turn off.

It’s been plugged in for nearly twelve hours, using two different outlets (one USB to charging block, other to USB outlet). The displays say “charging battery” when plugged in. The battery door is open only enough to reveal charging port. The display shows a full battery at the top left.

Firmware was updated when I connected it to the iPhone app. Not sure what else to do. Seeking guidance.

Hello, please send us an email ( with your device serial name and happy to help figure out what is going on!

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Hi, please send us an email at so we can help in more depth, thanks!

Mine does the same and my e paper display glitches like youre watching a video of a tv screen

Hey Jared, that is normal behavior and how the e-paper technology works - Why does an electronic paper screen flicker? - Visionect

Cool good to know! Its going to take a minute to get used to but its pretty friggin sweet

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