Laser line doesn’t seem to work properly

When I turn the laser light on, it goes bright and dim, bright and dim. Am I supposed to select a bright or dim mode? I’m not sure what it’s trying to tell me, or this is normal for this to go high and low every two seconds. And by the way, thank you and I am joining the T1. It was well worth the wait. Thanks again for you and your team.

HI Joe, is your battery fully charged? Sometimes it can flicker when the power drains

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly really appreciate that. Thank you. Whatever charge was in the battery when I received it that’s what I’m working off of. I only played with it for like approximately 15-20 minutes. I put on the charger last night it said battery charging came back to it. 12 hours later still says battery charging, not sure how much charge is in the battery. Hope this answer is your question. it says in your manual takes about five hours to charge still on the charger not saying completed or anything. Will it say battery completed when it’s fully charged?

I took the T1 off the charger and it said it was still charging but I tested out the laser light and it’s it’s staying on bright now not going bright and dim anymore so it might’ve been a week battery like you said. How would I know when the battery is fully charged and how long should it take? Like I said it’s been on the charger overnight. Thank you. Also, I calibrated my ruler after I did a update and every time I turn on my T1 with the ruler closed all the way it’s not at zero I have to push in the tape into the unit to get it to zero it likes to relax 1/16 of an inch. Thank you.

Hey Joe, the battery should fully charge after about 4 hours, we dont have a status bar yet but will be added in a future update.

The 1/16" is likely the play of the tip of the blade as this is needed to compensate for the width of the tape blade (why it can move) when taking internal or external measurements. Pushing in ensures the full blade is in tension and not pushed against the tip