Created a T1 Charging Base

If you have a 3D printer and want a charging base, I modeled one up and put it on Printables - Reekon T1 Tape Measure Charger Base by menerso | Download free STL model |

You can tweak the model if you want at OnShape (free accounts available) - Onshape

Since my battery dies so quickly and the only option that support gave me was to take out my battery every time I don’t use it (which seems dumb for a $250 tool), I made something where I can drop it in the base when not using so that it keeps charged.


very cool, nice setup

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Very nice. Now I have to find someone with a 3D printer or purchase one.
I wish I could charge the extra batteries that I purchased separately.

I know. I just wish the battery didn’t die soo quick. It is not the batteries fault either.

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