Showed Error 1 T1 Tomahawk after Update

So I finally needed to use this today. It charged overnight (not thrilled that it won’t hold a charge real well) In trying to use it today it showed update firmware on the side and the top screen showed error 1. I tried taking the battery out… back in… won’t connect to the app, YES BLUTOOTH PERMISSIONS ARE APPROVED ON MY PHONE. Now the side just shows “CHARGING BATTERY” and it’s not even plugged in. The top screen now won’t even show error 1. I’m so displeased with this thing after waiting two years to get it. HELP


Trying to include photos… but… this site doesn’t work like your product

Hey Chris, will respond to your email inquiry but likely the issue is just reinstalling the firmware as ERROR 1 means the firmware didnt fully install

I went to use mine too…. But it was Dead as a Doorknob…. Battery doesn’t hold charge

Hello, have you charged your T1 as batteries have to ship with a very low charge amount but should fully charge after 5 hours

Yes…. Then hung it up in garage to be ready… I’ve had it for about 2 weeks. When needed, it failed me

Thanks,Marty J. Mulheron

Hello Marty, different temperatures may affect battery life as they are lithium ion chemistry.