Continuous measurements

There should be a “+” sign on the measurements screen when inputting the measurements. Right now on IOS you need to scroll down to remove number keypad and expose plus sign. Just would be more helpful to have plus sign on keyboard too.

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Great suggestion, certainly makes sense to have it more accessible and will pass the feedback along to our product team!

Is the iOS app up and running? I saw that the google play store app is active?

Yea I have an IOS and I used it recently.

Did you get the beta version?
I can not find the app in the App Store and the link is not active on the Reekon site

Yes I’m in the beta test phase I believe through test flight

I just downloaded the app and its now out!, but i had to make another account

Android is released, iOS having some technical troubles releasing (its approved but working with Apple on a support ticker). Should be early this week - we will make a post once both are live!

Sounds good. Thank you