Fire investigations

I am a fire investigator and Arson K9 handler. Any fire we investigate the area of origin must be sketched and measured. Usually this is a two man job using a regular tape measure or laser measure. To be able to go down an area and mark measurements and have them in an app will definitively save time and hopefully more accurate. (We measure everything from door ways, to outlets, light switches and any evidence)
I am concerned on how the T1 will hold up in an environment that is wet, has ash and soot all over.
Can’t wait to get my hands on one to put it to work.


Very interesting application, what’s been your go to tape measure now and do you mind sharing what a sketch looks like that you make on one of these scenes?

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As a construction project manager I am obviously not working in the same conditions, however much the same application (measuring and recording spaces with sketches to reference later). Currently I use a Leica Disto X4 and the Leica Disto app. This allows me to automatically measure spaces and record a sketch to a project folder in the app. This would be a great place to start for reference of this functionality in the T1.
I have added a couple of screenshots here to show how the measurements get sketched in the app in 2d and 3d.

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Thanks Nate, very helpful to see! How do you like the X4 and where do you see a tape measure coming in to play to work better/differently than where youre using a laser distance meter?

Hey mate :wave:t2:

tbh the T1 will not likely replace my X4 for this purpose, although I’m open to being surprised! While the X4 coupled with the Disto plan app is not perfect, it performs this set of functions very efficiently.

As well as contracting as a project manager I am also a licensed builder, and I still spend a proportion of my time on the tools on my own projects. This is where I imagine the T1 will shine, replacing my everyday tape measure.


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