Laser Distance Sensor!

I LOVE my T1 and my M1! With that being said, one thing the T1 could’ve REALLY benefited from is a laser distance sensor that shoots out above the blade itself and measures from the back of the handle. I’m probably not the 1st person to bring this up, but it would’ve been even MORE of a game changer! My M1 review is on YouTube and I’ll be doing a deep dive into the T1 here soon.

Hey Roger, glad to hear it! We opted not to put a laser range finder in here for a few reasons:

  1. It would be more expensive
  2. It would be bigger
  3. Laser range finders (both high and low end) are less accurate than the T1 which would cause issues of which sensor has what tolerance

I would like to get a M1…… but it probably cost too much, and would take ANOTHER 2 years to get

Its available now on Amazon for $149 -

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