Live Measurement Sharing

One of the cool features of the ROCK App is everything syncs with the cloud which means you can live stream measurements to anyone on the jobsite! To begin live collaboration, share a project with someone, and set their edit permissions, go to the pencil icon on a project and add others who have the app by entering their email.

This feature allows live collaboration and synchronization between measurements (i.e. if you’re on a ladder and create a measurement, the person on the cut saw can see the measurement created as well). Once everyone receives their T1s in the coming months, this is a great feature to speed up the jobsite!

See a video of this feature in action here: REEKON Tools on Instagram: "Share measurements with anyone anywhere, in real time with there REEKON digital ecosystem"


Hi Derrick,

I’ve tried adding a collaborator but it doesn’t seem to want to add?

Please see the attached picture.

The person/collaborator has set up a Rock App account. Any ideas?

Feel free to move if this isn’t in the right place.


Hi Michael, hope you are doing well and thanks for reaching out! Haven’t seen this one before - let me check with the team and get back to you soon!

Hey Michael, we looked into it and this appears when the other user has not completed their account setup (added their name/ demographic information, etc). This prompt comes up after email address is verified before the setup process is complete.

Have them log into the app or go back to their account and it should prompt them to complete. Once done, you should have no issues sharing!

For reference or anyone else looking to share projects, the different sharing permissions and process are outlined in our support guide here

Great, thanks Derrick,

I should have known, he had one job to do hahaha!

Thanks for your help :+1:

Glad it fixed it Michael! Look forward to seeing how you like the app and any other suggestions or feedback you have