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Is there anymore info on the Rock app paid and free versions? I am worried that one of the core features of the T1 Tomohawk tape measure was sharing measurements across the job site to multiple devices. Based on some of the info from the updates I am worried that the sharing of measurements will be blocked behind a pay wall.

Any more info between the paid and “free” version, would be very helpful.

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Hey Jack, hope you are doing well and thanks for posting! A few notes below:

  1. This is a new app and product so nothing is set in stone, just opening arguments
  2. Pre order backers will receive 6 months (or more) premium access in any scenario
  3. The free version will still allow sharing (to 1 additional user) and almost all functionality in the app with some limitation on number of projects/measurements that one can create along with certain calculators/utilities.

As mentioned, we haven’t solidified the above as a large part depends on the cost to us to run as many of the cloud functions have a cost associated with them. We will remain in communication with everyone throughout the process and can certainly check out the beta version of the app now

I absolutely do not want to log in to my tape measure. I do not want to provide you with usage data of my tape measure. I do not want to subscribe to my tape measure.

This is some BS right out of some Silicon Valley VC pitch deck and I hate every notion of it. I expected more from MIT students.

None of this was mentioned when we backed this. This all stinks of “bait and switch.” Stop it before it’s too late.


HI Alex, the app is not required for the T1 to function and all features on the T1 itself work without needing the app!

The app is focused on sharing, collaboration, and calculations and inherently requires data to be stored in the cloud to function. This is a valuable feature for many of our customers and allows for real time collaboration that doesn’t require shouting off of roofs, ladders, or scissor lifts.

However, if this is a concern, there is no need to use it as the T1 is a fully functional digital tape measure on its own!

The amount of data you’re seeming to be discussing here fits entirely within AWS’s free services. I don’t see why any service fee would be necessary unless you want services revenue for a tape measure.

You should be able to facilitate data sharing without gathering any PII, and without forcing a login to be created on your system – use OAuth, Sign in with Apple, Sign in with Google, and password-less passkey systems.

Right now, it feels like a massive invasion and out of expectations for a tape measure.

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Hey Alex, as mentioned if you dont feel comfortable using the app, no need to as the T1 works on its own! To your points mentioned above:

  1. We dont use AWS for hosting but the fees add up from file storage (as many utilities leverage photos) and pass the free tiers based on monthly usage and storage alone is one of many charges that come from cloud hosting. Also, beyond the costs to us, we are a for profit company and are looking to grow and expand to continue launching innovative products.

  2. SSO is something we are looking to in the future to offering but dont have the time for the first release to properly implement

Thank you for your reply.

The 1 additional user is a shame as I work with two assistants usually and they share the cuts. Will it be easy to switch between them when one is given another job?

Could Bluetooth be used instead of the network to reduce the cloud charges mentioned in the Kickstarter comments?

Thank you

Hey Jack, due to range and data limitations, Bluetooth can only be used from T1 to the Phone for now. Sharing settings are pretty simple to change and also everyone who preordered the T1 will have a fairly significant premium subscription trial. While all of the details are not finalized, even after the trial the cost is expected to be fairly minimal.

From The Campaign page, here are the features that should make up the Minimum Viable Product for the ROCK App. Since there was no mention of a subscription on the campaign page while other add-one WERE mentioned as having additional costs (I.e. the pencil holder), it’s reasonable for backers to assume that there would be no initial or ongoing charge for these features - at least not for backers.

It is borderline unethical for REEKON to charge their backers for these features if they knew there would be an ongoing cost when the campaign was created and withheld that information from the campaign, since they likely would not have had as many backers if they were forthcoming with the subscription model at that time.

Backers should have access to these features with a lifetime subscription that covers at least these features. At the very least, backers should be allowed more than one person they can share their data with (three to five people seems reasonable to me, though I’m unlikely to use the sharing feature that much myself.)

  • Measurements can be synced with the REEKON ROCK app
  • Make distinct job sites,
  • Make distinct layouts
  • Make distinct cut lists
  • store measurements recorded on the T1 device
  • Compile measurements into cut lists.
  • Cut lists can be organized by location
  • Cut lists can be shared with other users on the same site
  • Cut lists can be manipulated into material optimizations,
  • Cut lists can be manipulated into layouts
  • Cut lists can be manipulated into external program exports.
  • Centralized collection of all measurement data used on a jobsite
  • Allow for several useful layout and calculations functions.
  • Seamlessly connect with REEKON products and external data sources to:
  • a) capture measurements,
  • b) organize measurements
  • c) assign measurements
  • collaboration and sharing of measurements,
  • collaboration and sharing of designs,
  • collaboration and sharing of layouts, and
  • collaboration and sharing of calculations across jobsites
  • collaboration and sharing of calculations across team members
  • Full digital measuring workflows from capture to execution (when paired with other REEKON tools like the M1)
  • Advanced analytics allow for tracking and unprecedented data collection for project managers and supervisors that provide a clear picture of jobsite operations down to an individual’s contributions.
  • Automatically calculate common items needed on a jobsite without any manual entry required, including (but not limited to):
  • a) cutlists
  • a) staircases
  • Measurements can be selected from captured and imported lists based on user selected input parameters

Hey Aaron, yes that list continues to be accurate in terms of baseline features of the ROCK app (with even more we added in since making that list)!

I feel somewhat concerned now by this article. Could someone give me some clarification on the use of this app? I ask this because I don’t want to be sharing project data, I need this app as data capture from the T1 so that VoiceOver within iOS can speak the measurements from the T1 as I am a blind cabinet maker / joiner. If this app constantly requires me to be online just so that I can have measurements announced or sent to apps / notes and then have to pay for a subscription, this is wholy unfair and I feel that investing in this T1 just to provide me with accessibility features to change how I work and provide independence, isn’t that and now that you’ve taken my money and I’m waiting for the T1 to arrive, I can’t help but now feel I’ve been mislead. Could you give me some clarification please


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Hi Lew, hope you are doing well! For now and the foreseeable future everything is free. While we may charge for certain aspects of the app later on, anyone who pre ordered will be receiving a special code to ensure uninterrupted and free access to existing features!

Hi Derrick,

Thanks for your message. At the moment, I’m not in good shape as mum has been diagnosed with aggressive form of breast cancer, I’ve just brought her home after she was kept in due to complications, we have a long fight on her hands, I won’t let her struggle or fight it alone.

regarding the app, can this work offline just with bluetooth to the tape? I don’t want to be constantly on the internet with my device and being in the workshop there’s no wireless point which is actually nice because my phone doesn’t then intrude upon me while machining, etc. if someone needs to call me, they just leave a message and I’m back to them.

I’ll go further in to the app and look forward to my T1 arriving. I just worry that with how things have been said about the app that if the app becomes limited and then I have to shell out money for a software subscription I can ill-afford, then the software becomes useless.


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Hi Lew, some features can work offline while other needs cloud connectivity. This is something we are working on improving as well

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is there any way of a version of the rock app as just a measurement logger for offline use, in my particular case, so that measurements are announced and logged ready to export to CAD / drafting tools, etc?


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HI Lew, measurements can be created and stored now offline, right now they cant be exported directly but this is a feature we are working on.

just encountered some problems with VoiceOver where certain buttons aren’t described or recognised, trying to add measurements manually is impossible in iOS 17.0.2 with VoiceOver running because there’s something stopping the measurement being added or saved, so the app becomes useless.


HI Lew, thanks for sharing, we will investigate with our team!

Okay, now I’m very concerned with this. I’ve just received my T1 and the first thing I noticed was the mention of premium credits - I’ve come onto here with some concern and see that you started mentioning about the costs to Reekon Tools which is one thing. But now in that response, I see the real reason - Further monitisation. (And a subscription at that)

We didn’t sign up for subscriptions, you wouldn’t pay a subscription on your drill, would you? You mention that the backer feature list is still supported for free, but that misses the point as we have invested in Reekon Tools as a company and platform. We have supported your company in its inception and growth, but adding subscriptions feels like a sly money grab.

Please, concentrate on making and selling great products. The world needs less subscriptions, not more.

PS: On login, NIST recommends against password composition rules. As Alex mentioned above, SSO is the way forward.

Hi, the ROCK App is currently completely free to use and SSO will be added in the next update!