Rock App paid vs free versions

Glad to hear that it is free, but the keyword there is “currently”. I implore you to not go ahead with a subscription model (Whether that’s credits or something else) in the future.

Great to hear about SSO being added in the next update.

We will continue to maintain a free version always but at some point will likely have a paid tier with more enterprise/business related features added to it

I won’t do subscription memberships. When I signed up for the T1 the information posted is what I went by.

I’m a supporter of the M1 and T1 and fan of what you have done… With this, I’m thankful for both tools and look forward to many years of use…

If the Rock app becomes limited in functionality for myself in a 1 teacher school with up to 8 students then its use will have gone the way of using a rock as a hammer.

If this is the case then I imagine it will also be the case with the new to-be-released printer which I was going to buy.

I’m very concerned the eco system in which all items would be integrated and have the ability to use in the school will become extinct with a paid platform.

Hello, as mentioned above core functionality will never be behind a subscription and will continue to remain free.

There is specific enterprise level functions and custom features which may be but are not required and wont affect any current features on the app

What items won’t be included in the free app?

Hi, this list has not been finalized and there are no short terms plans to charge for anything (everything is still 100% free). We are sharing the above in the spirit of transparency but we are more focused on making the app the best it can be right now. Outside of completely unreleased features, nothing is currently slated to be in the professional version.

We will be sure to share and communicate any changes (in the future) well ahead of time and ensure that we do right by everyone, especially those that have a REEKON hardware product.