New T1 Screen Charging Indication

My brand new T1 does not display “Battery Charging” when plugged in. It only shows a lightning bolt next to the battery icon on the side display - this goes away when unplugged. Is this a recent change in screen configuration? See photos below. There is no indication regarding the battery during charging or when not charging on the small top screen.

Can you please clarify if this is correct or if my unit has some kind of problem?

Hello, this is normal and is a feature of new T1s that just show the lightning bolt (while they are charging)!

Is there a version info somewhere in a debug menu (do we have such menu? :D) or on the device itself?

Hi Randy, what specifically are you looking for? The product label on the bottom indicated which version teh T1 is (A or B as of now)

yep, this one. So “B” stands for “better” :smiley:
Have RKN-T1-002-A - would be nice to have a list of all product numbers and their features