OLED Screen During Charging

When charging, the T1 always shows the static “CHARGING BATTERY” text, no matter how long it is plugged in. Considering the screen is OLED, I would expect this will eventually cause a burn in issue at some point. Is there any plan to either move the charging text around a bit (so it isn’t in the same position) or turn it off after charging is completed?

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Hey Nicholas, OLEDs on the screen type we chose dont have a burn in problem so this is not expected to cause any lifetime issues or ghosting during normal use

Is there any plans, via updates, to show some visual indication of battery state (%) while in use and its (%) state of while charging?

Hello, the battery state does show in the top left corner of the epaper screen when in use. We did make a hardware change on newer versions of the T1 to show the status while charging but unfortunately this is not possible to fix with software for original versions.