Problem with calibration Process

I got my Tomahawk today and I am really impressed of the build quality and weight. Great Job!
I managed to connect t to a cheap old phone from my wife (which has, in contrast to my expensive, actual phone, Android 12).
Got the prompt that I can update the Firmawe. Did just that.
Completed the calibration Process (using the laser…). Now, If the blade is fully redacted, it says 0.05 cm. It does at least measure accurate.
I then tried to recalibrate it with the exact instructions from the video. However, at 4 or 6 cm I always get the “Values too far off” Error, no matter hoe often I try and how accurate I am.
But it even makes a difference if I look at the left vs. right side of the blade. The measurements are not identical (see photo).

Any advice?

I had the same issues and had to send it back to get it calibrated. Contact Denys he was able to get my working again. Saidly you will have to send the device back to them.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I am living in Germany and can not easily send the T1 back. Hopefully, there is another solution. I will contact Denys.

Well, another day, another try. I started the calibration again and now it worked!

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