USB-C Port on T1 Tomahawk?

I’ve noticed that due to the short depth, or the long PCB, in the USB-C port, the cable does not plug in far enough to engage the retaining clips built into the USB-C port.

Could this be a design defect? a quality issue?

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Hello! please send an image to of these as well as the cable you are using and we are happy to have a look!

I have the same issue where the USB-C cable will not sit in the socket all the way.

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Hello! Is it charging?

Yes it does charge the tape.


When i get back into work i’ll send the pictures over.

Similar problem as the original post where PCB seems to extend past the port.

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Hello, that is normal as we went with a low profile connector along with minimizing the additional space needed to add to the T1 - it still contacts normally and will charge without issue

I have never seen such usb-c connector with exposed contacts before. Can you provide its part number, please?
Checking usb-c standard and there is nothing like that. It looks like a broken connector, just I cannot imagine how it could happen as the strongest part is the metal sleve and if the contacts would break, definitelly they would not stick to outside

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That’s is as far as a USB+c cable will plug in before bottoming out the contacts. You can see the cable never fully seats in the socket.

I think when the PCB was laid out the reference for locating the plug was chosen to be the outside of the battery lid versus the top surface the port is actually on. Maybe in an earlier iteration the door didn’t slide out of the way to charge the battery but their was rubber cover or something you could plug the cable through and that’s why the cable stops where it does. When the sliding door came along the reference height for the plug never was updated and hence the error.

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Best USB-c cable (see photo) on the market and although it charges, I’m complaining about the hang out fit issue as others are. Doesn’t seem normal.

Oops. Picture got lost in space. Trying again.

Hello! As mentioned we went with a low profile connector to reduce the length. This is not an uncommon connector but some other brand will include more plastic in the shape of the connector to cover it.

Also worth noting, our USB C connector is IP67 rated so the surface area is minimized to avoid moisture and dust retention

ok, then for example UJ20-C-G-MSMT-TR-68 | USB Connectors | Connectors is such strange looking one.

That is such a goofy smd USB-C port. It’s not a deal breaker for me it just caught my eye when using the T1 as off.

With regards that connector is ip67 that doesn’t matter to much because the device is not ip67. Frankly I don’t expect the T1 to be IP67 either it would be very difficult with to achieve given other design goals, replaceable tape, and cost constraints. Also I not trying to take measurements 1 meter under water in a swimming pool. Nor do I leave tools out in the rain or get them wet unintentionally. I do hope the PCB is at least conformal coated to resist salt/fog testing.

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It is conformal coated! And while not fully waterproof there are a lot of provisions to make as robust as possible

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I too, have the same issue. My T1 wont even charge now.

Hello, did you try forcing a cable in the slot or using an external tool as it seems like the plastic and metal is bent and damaged from forcing a connector?