[Added] Desktop OS version of the jobsite app please

OK, all well and good having the jobsite app for smart devices, but what about for desktop OS’s like MacOS and Windows, etc? surely this could be ported over?



HI Lew, this is something we are considering for the future, thanks

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cheers for that. it would be a great solution.

so, waiting still on my unit to arrive. lets just hope it isn’t lost due to the crisis ongoing in the red sea, etc. what happens if that’s the case?


I would like to second Lewis’ request for a desktop app (my vote would be for a MacOS version). Thanks.

Thank you for this, I agree on a MacOS app as that’s my working platform.

I just thought that suggesting this would mean the developer would cover MacOS and Windows as the common desktop platforms, if someone wanted to do a linux version then great, but for the average business model, concentrating on both MacOS and Windows for the desktop environments is the best way, after all, we have builds for Android OS and iOS, so porting the desktop versions shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Bluetooth data output isn’t new, we’ve had this for some time with various manufacturers of digital measurement tools. As long as the T1 can create a virtual keyboard and connect over bluetooth, it can transmit data also as native text so data can be gathered as text files in a chosen app or even better, direct paste / input to CAD / CAM / Plotting apps for object modelling. this is what I need out of this tape.


The App is using React, so it make sense just release a web based app. Doesn’t make sense to wrap it into an Electron app for every platform.

having it as a web based app requires you to be connected to the internet. so if you’re in a workshop with no internet access it’s useless in certain cases. ergo my suggestion.

Hello all, we have enabled the ROCK App to be used on MacOS - you can now find it in the app store. Please note not every feature has been fully tested to work and it is still designed as a mobile first application but it can now run on a MacOS Desktop

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well, someone forgot to cross-compile for intel 64 bit instruction, didn’t they? be aware folks, the MacOS build only works for the Apple Silicon M1 and upwards chipsets, no intel support. Now that screws everything up for me because my mac is intel based.

Any updates on this please.


Hey Lew, right now this is a new feature of MacOS for Apple Silicon machines which we enabled. We will consider a more robust desktop application in the future but an option available for those with a newer Mac in the meantime.

well, I can’t provide you the accessibility testing and support, unless someone helps with funding needed for a silicon based mac. I raised this design concept to provide support where I need it the most, instead, this is not the case. I do wish that people would get the pure understanding of sight loss. I think if I gave you a blindfold and instructed you to wear it for 2 weeks without removing it, placing you in situations I work in, to observe your reactions, coping strategies, etc, you’d understand.

Sorry for saying that but right at the moment, I have more urgent matters to handle, like mum’s cancer and the fact I have to now be tested as a carrier or risk of developing cancer, etc. I’ve only just got back from a long day at the hospital to find all this out. I can’t say I’m pleased or impressed. I place my trust in a developer hoping they understand my needs, I’m still waiting on this tape to arrive nearly 6 months later when it’s a tool that has to work how I need it to. As a guy who’s been in the developer sector, I know what’s involved, the stresses, etc, but at the same time, I also know how the sales / marketing side works for certain companies and what is being sold as apposed to customer needs based priorities. Fine I don’t expect a developer to magically develop a product that supports my needs as a blind person, believe me, but when I approached your company last year, laid my cards on the table, etc, I placed a lot of hope on this.

OK, you don’t see joiners, carpenters with either severe visual impairments or total blindness, but we do exist, we’ve either trained or developed or skills, adaptations, etc over years and provided for clients worldwide.

Sorry, Just had to say this, submitting an app as silicon only when you know I’m part of the accessibility push for testing is madness. I don’t have money to throw at a new, let alone used Silicon mac, my shop mac is an older intel, my macbook pro is a 2019 custom i9, the only silicon products are my iphone and ipad pro, funded by an emergency grant for accessibility needs.


Hi Lew, to clarify the above, as mentioned, we have not yet developed a full desktop App. Apple offers the ability, with a selection box, to make iPad apps available through Apple Silicon Mac computers. While we understand this is not yet the full desktop version, we do not have the resources yet tot devout to making a desktop version of the app and shared this as a way for some customers as a way to use on certain Mac computers.

Either way, we will be developing a more universal desktop application at some point in the future as this is a short term way to access on specific computers.