Audible Chime option

Can an audible chime option be added when a measurement is recorded to the app?
That way I can holster my phone while taking measurements and know each time the measurement was recorded without the need to look at my phone to make sure.

If I measure out 10 lengths then go to the saw to make my cuts, realize there are only 9 measurements, I would have to re-measure everything to find which one I missed. Otherwise I would have to stop after each measurement and take the time to label each measurement, board1, board2, etc. - as an example.

This would also alert me if the tool is connected or not, no chime= I’m probably not connected.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Confirmation of measurements being saved is currently something we are exploring more and will have exciting updates in an upcoming release!

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I support this request, I’d like to add to it, considering an announcement that in the future there will be a live measurement mode, either give the rock app the ability for the measurement to be spoken using a selectable or system voice on the device, whether android / google or iOS device, or ensure that the app has the ability to support voiceover for the live mode function. Audible beeps would be useful also on the device through firmware.

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On the unit itself it is not clear if it is saving measurements to a project or just discarding them - Would be nice to see to which project it is saving on that epaper display.

Next the measurement ID on epaper is not matching with ID saved to a project - when I am taking measurement and other guy is doing cuts I cannot just ask for a cut “C” as in the app it is completely different.

So it doesn’t need to beep - just such feedback would be nice.

Thanks Randy, both are issues/features we are currently looking into!

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