Error 16 “contact support “

Hello, I just received my T1 today. After updating the hardware, the device displayed Blade set up. After pulling the tape to 10” and releasing slowly, clicking the button to continue caused the display ERROR 16 and the epaper to display “ CONTACT SUPPORT THERE MAY BE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR T1” Can someone help?

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Hello, thanks for reaching out. You likely just need ot reinstall the firmware. Please try that and if you additional help, please send us an email at

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I had same problem, turns out my phone was not compatible with the ROCK app. I contacted support for my phone brand to find this out. Gotta say the instructions leave much to be desired.

Did you contact Reekon support? They have been helpful to me both on the T1 and the M1. You might also try the website for help.

We are always happy to help with any issues you are facing! As there have been tens of thousands of phones made in the past 10 years and beyond, there are certainly some that dont work directly with the ROCK App but always happy to help with selection or any troubleshooting!