Groups not showing

I do Div 10 in student housing. I’m currently using the t1 to measure for mirrors. I am using the hierarchy: Cincinatti (job): Mirrors (space): Floor 7: Goup 1 = 701 (multiple mirrors per unit) etc… That worked great on floor 8. After doing the entire 7th floor, everything except the first group (I manually renamed) is listed as no group. They are separated like they are in separate groups, and if you open the measurement, it shows the correct group. Please help!

Hey Ben, this is currently a bug with the beta firmware as Group 1 on the T1 = No Group on the ROCK App. We are working on renaming to be less confusion in the next firmware release!

How about exporting? I’m pretty tech savvy, but the app refuses to export anything. The options for the export are showing as WhatsApp, Edge, Chrome, Messages and nearby share. I’ve tried all. Any advice on this would be great, I’m trying hard to not have to retype all of the info.

What kind of phone and operating system are you using? The only file format is a CSV and it is likely showing the destinations of where the CSV file can be sent (whether on the phone file system or to an email or message to view on another device).

I’m using an android. I can open a csv in excel on my phone. Every time I go to export, it says exporting 0 files. When I try to share to my computer with quick share it does the same.

@therock checking back on this… any help?

HI Ben, still working on this but it may be a bug in this version for Android devices. Will get this fixed in the next update!

I logged with an iPhone and got it to export. Seems like it might be an issue with the android app like you said. Can you help me understand the differences between the exported measurements and the ones on the app? I realize the export is more exact, not rounded like I have set in the app, but some of the measurements seem wrong. I will recheck them tomorrow, but the exported format is weird on some values. The measurement F in the app is the corresponding measurement to index 5.

hey Ben, will look into this with our team