Is there a way to completely turn off the T1

I haven’t found a way to shut the T1 off completely. I found that if I hold the laser power button the top display will turn off, but the side display stays on. Its been on my desk for 2 hours now and the side display is still on. Does this stay on during sleep mode? Seems the battery would last longer if there was a way to completely turn off the device. Did I miss something?

Thanks for finally getting this to me by the way, I’ve already went through several projects I could have used this for. looking forward to future uses.

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Hello, thanks for reaching out! Holding the power button for 5 seconds puts the tool in sleep mode. The side screen uses no power to stay on which is a cool feature of e-paper (you can pull out the battery to see this as well)!


Now that is a very cool idea… Thanks

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I’m sorry, but you didn’t answer Yellow-Jacket’s question. Is there a way to turn the T1 completely off? Putting it into standby will still drain the battery faster than if it is completely off. If there isn’t a way to turn it off completely that is a major oversight. I will not be using my T1 (if I ever get it) every day or even every week & I’d like for it to be available without having to re-charge it every time when I do use it. What an inconvenience!

Hello, the T1 stays in standby mode for 6 hours before turning off completely so that it can be reactivated quickly when needed. Sleep mode draws minimal power so it does not significantly affect battery life. We recommend removing the battery completely if not using for longer periods of time.


He said it indirectly, but I think he already answered it. T1 doesn’t seem to have any way to shut it down completely except to remove the battery. Whether it’s a frequent user or intermittent user, it does seem pretty uncomfortable.

If any of your units are like mine it will die every day… Get used to keeping it on the charger.

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Mine might be like yours, 2 days no use, battery is dead. I guess I’ll be taking the battery out when not using it.

Would be nice to have a battery indicator while charging also.


When I was running 4.9 firmware I could hold the power button and the bars on the epaper battery icon would disappear and no matter what I did like pull the tape out and hit buttons the t1 was completely off. Now that I’m running 5.2 beta the bars on the battery icon stay no matter what and I can only get sleep mode. I pray this is fixed soon. Would be nice to have a power down option in the menu to be certain the t1 is off and not in sleep mode.

Holding the power button using firmware version 0.5.2 turns off the T1 completely.

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Exactly where is this so called Power button? I see nothing that indicates a power button. Also, why does the e paper display keep fluttering every 30 seconds??

Hello Macs, please see below

T1 Tomahawk Buttons -

Epaper screen refreshing -

I have the same issue, my t1 was fully charged and when I powered down and pulled the tape out the led didn’t show anything but the epaper screen showed bars on the battery. It was full when I turned it off, a couple weeks later it was completely dead.before the firmware update when I would power down the bars on the battery icon on the epaper screen would drop out . They stay on now and it doesn’t hold a charge when powered down. Is there a way to add a power down function in the quick options menu? To ensure no battery usage when off and so it will hold a charge ? If I power down at 100% battery life shouldn’t it still be at 100% when I power back up no matter the time frame?

Is there a way to not have the t1 automatically power on when inserting the battery?

Hello, yes but in the beta firmware right now (0.5.2). Holding the power button for 3 seconds should turn it off.

Lithium ion batteries and modern electronics do draw a slight amount of power, even when off (temperature dependent too). The recommended storage is removing the battery if there are several weeks without using it.

The battery is a huge drawback and an annoying problem! I got the T1 a month ago, and this is the 3dr time that when I get the device to use it, it is totally dead! After one or two days without use, the battery is gone! All my other digital devices, like my Leica Disto laser measure, keep the battery charge full. I don’t even remember the last time I had to charge any of them. This problem makes this tool useless! For 3 times, I could not use it when I most needed it. I do not have time to keep watching the battery charge level! And the fubby part is that the White paper display showed it as charged, but the device doesn’t turn on…

Hello, have you updated to the latest firmware (0.5.13) as this has several updated power saving modes on it.

I just did. I will update the results. Tks

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I did the firmware update, but after one and a half weeks of sitting, the battery went zero! This is a huge problem. I do not have time to babysit a tool for its battery level every time I need to use it.