REEKON T1 Firmware Questions


I purchased your T1 from Belgium in Europe. Without having the opportunity to use it, here are the different problems met from the start:

I have to say frankly speaking that i did not had problem for blade set up and upgrading the firmware to actual 0,4,9 version.


Impossible to turn off the device without putting the battery away from the unit.
The 100% charged battery gets empty within 2 days even when not used !!!
In my menu, the “CREATE GROUP” does not appear even if the connection is perfectly made with my IPHONE 12
Is it also normal that the lateral screen display is not turned off when i turn off the T1 ?

Very disappointed having put more than 300 euros for such a tool which is not working!!! I’m not the only one when i Go through the forum hearing people having the same long term unsolved problem…

When are you going to solve that ? In 2026 ?

Best regards


Hi Alain thanks for reaching out. The power saving modes have been revamped in the latest beta firmware 0.5.2 - send us an email at if you would like to try this. this release also included “Create Group”