T1: Add feature in Toggle Relative to set value to negative

Would be great, if you could add a possibility to set the value to negative.
If you want to build a square frame and your outer dimension are important. You can measure the thickness of two side walls, set the blade to negative value and now you can make the two other walls.

Hello! I am not sure I follow, do you mean add in a negative offset? If you could describe a bit more or include a quick diagram that would be very helpful!

I just went through my own description and realized, I made a mistake with the negative value… It doesn’t work like I described it.
It would be a function like: Copy the measured value, paste it, when the measure blade is in “0” position.
If you want to build a frame, 10" x 5" outer dimension and you use 1" tick material. Cut two pieces in the length of 10". The other two pieces need to be 2 times the wall thickness less long (3"). So you can measure the two pieces with the T1, copy the measured value (2") and as soon as your blade is fully retracted, the display shows 2". Now you can pull the blade out until the display shows 5" (Blade is than at 3") and cut the two other pieces.
This is a very easy example, but when you have different wall thicknesses, or your material is 0,79", you need a calculator for that. With that function you just need the T1
Hope it’s now better described and others would like to have such a function too.

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Thanks Hati, this is a custom offset feature and is something we are considering for a future update where you can start at a specific value vs start at 0 (as it does in relative mode)

Perfect, looking forward to that update.

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