Waterproof or Water-resistant

Does anyone have information on the water tightness of the device? I work in environments that are constantly wet or even flooded to an extent and need this to be as water tight/resistant as possible.

Thanks for any insight that can be provided.

Hey Jason, right now the T1 isnt rated for either but is generally water resitant to splashes and light misting. There is a large hole for the tape blade to come in and out which cannot be sealed. We have several features/coatings/sealing points but its still not recommended to be kept wet.

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Okay, thank you for the quick response.

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What about snow and -30° temperaturen?

Hello! The E-Paper screen stops being responsive at around freezing temperature (since its filled with a liquid like mixture which is how epaper works). Snow, if it doesnt melt, likely wont cause issues unless it gets in the T1 and melt which could cause the tape measure spring to rust over time

So its not recomended to use it in cold winter :sweat_smile: